Perfume Workshop in New Orleans

Perfume Workshop in New Orleans

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A 2 hour, in-person workshop in New Orleans for 4-10 participants. Contact before purchasing to secure your date. 


  • $200 workshop fee + $50 per person


  • a blending kit ($38 value) for each person
  • access to the full Mad Perfumer note library (70+ ingredients)
  • 20% off code for online purchases


  • a New Orleans home, venue or meeting space arranged by the participants

The workshop will begin with an overview of top, heart, and base notes and how they work in a fragrance. The group will be introduced to the note library and everyone will be given time to explore each one for themselves. The Mad Perfumer blending method will be explained and participants will create trials and bottle their creations.

For use in the workshop, clipboards will be provided with printed note descriptions + writing utensils to make notes and record formulas.

Please note, the group will be sharing the note library and everyone will have their own blending supply kit which they can keep:

  • perfume blotters
  • tester vials
  • glass measuring cylinder
  • 10ml glass perfume bottle
  • 7ml perfume alcohol

Each participant will walk away with a beautiful 10ml spray perfume of their own creation, plus a better understanding of perfume anatomy as well their own personal fragrance preferences - making them more enlightened fragrance users/buyers/creators!

With full access to the note library (valued at $990+), the group will get to smell and blend the highest quality perfume materials - from the familiar (grapefruit, lavender, cocoa…) to the rare (jasmine sambac, real sandalwood, chinese osmanthus, orris butter, yuzu, etc).

7ml glass bottle with built-in dropper. Partially diluted in perfume alcohol. Contains enough fragrance to create 7 or more 10ml perfumes. Don't apply directly to skin before diluting further. 

Don’t apply a note directly to your skin before diluting further (see Blending section above).

It's always a good idea to do a patch test before using a new product, especially if you have sensitive skin. Apply your finished fragrance to a small area and wait 24 hours. If irritation occurs at any point, discontinue use.

Mad Perfumer products are intended for use in creating perfumes and colognes only. All products contain alcohol and are not intended for use in candles, diffusers or skin care products.

Store tightly sealed bottles in a dry place away from light and heat.